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Software Verification & Validation

Software Verification & Validation

  • Early detection of errors by review and analysis of draft documents
  • Assesment of verifiability of SW requirement to ensure robust design.
  • Requirement-based Host and Target testing covering Black Box, White Box, Coverage Analysis
  • Unit Testing on Host Platforms and System Specific Target Processors
  • Software - Software Integration Testing
  • Hardware-Software Integration Testing using Rigs
  • Independent Reviews of all Deliverables obviating / reducing rework
  • Systems Testing

Software Languages

  • ANSI / ISO C
  • Ada 83
  • Ada 95
  • C++
  • C#
  • Assembly Languages

Software Tools

  • Cantata and Cantata ++ from IPL, UK
  • AdaTest from IPL, UK
  • LDRA
  • Matlab / Simulink
  • IDE - Multi 2000, TI Code Composer, Object Ada Raven, Keil, COSMIC, Code Warrior
  • RTRT
  • LabWindows
  • LabVIEW