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  • AK AEROTEK SOFTWARE CENTRE PVT LTD (AKS) , incorporated in February 1998 is located at Bangalore in India

    DO-178 B | DO-254 | IEC-61508 | CENELAC-50128

    AKS provides its Customers in the UK, Europe and the USA, Quality Solutions in Software Design, Development, Verification & Validation of Real-Time Embedded Safety Critical Systems for the Aerospace, Railways, Automotive, Industrial Gas Turbine Industry

Our solutions

The AKS Global Software Delivery Model continually monitored and refined brings to its Customers:

  • Aerospace & Avionics Software Design, Development and Verification & Validation (V&V) conforming to RTCA/DO-178B Standard
  • High Quality Software meeting CAA and FAA Certification requirements
  • Proven cost-effectiveness in the execution of projects
  • High ROI  by utilising Time-Zone differences for customer benefit
  • Delivery 'On Time Every Time'
  • Effective Change and Risk Management
  • Robust Configuration Management System
  • Mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership
  • Guaranteed customer confidentiality

Projects - Snapshots

  • Auto Rudder Trim Unit System
  • Air Data Computer System
  • Cabin Pressure Control System
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Electronic Engine Control System (FADEC System)
  • Engine Interface and Power Management System
  • Engine Monitoring Display System
  • Engine Vibration Monitoring System
  • Electronic limiter unit for Engine system
  • Engine Data Concentrator Unit(EDCU)
  • Fire Protection System
  • Ice & Snow Detection System
  • Secondary Power Generation System
  • Secondary Flight Display System (Head-Down and Head-Up)

What Our Valued Clients Say About Us

“[The project] is the culmination of an intense but successful engine development programme in which AK AEROTEK was a key player. Many thanks are due to those involved in the development effort. “
“Your part in the software verification was very crucial in helping us meet our cost and schedule goals. We appreciate the hard work your people put in on this project. “
“Thank you guys, without your help we wouldn’t have achieved this delivery, thanks again for your hard work and long hours. Also, please extend my personal thanks to your colleagues back in India who did an incredible job!
“ I thank you again for your availability and for excellent job you made for us.”
“ [The Project] has been certified and we thank you for your important contribution
“The AKS [Project] team has been very flexible and responsive to my needs. The requirements have been changing and increasing, and the team has taken this in stride and continued to deliver code and documents when I need them."
“Thank you all for the support and diligence you provided during this certification effort. The team continues to perform enthusiastically and professionally meeting schedule and resolutions. It is a pleasure to work with such an organization.
“The [product] has done today Its First Flight with success. As I know today, no problem encountered i.e. No Spurious and No Fault.
“The two DER's noted that the people participating were very knowledgeable of the process and the software. AKS work was very detailed and showed a clear understanding of the product. The AKS processes were very organized and showed they followed DO-178. Congratulations to AKS for their thoroughness and cooperation.”
“I was pleasantly surprised to see that you've finished a week earlier than promised. This allows me some much needed breathing room to sample-review some of the test cases and ask any questions to you before submitting them to my customer, and your hard efforts are thus very much appreciated!”